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Privacy Contact information

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our privacy policy you may contact us anytime. We reserve the right to make changes to this policy. Any changes to this policy will be posted.

Book It! and Request It!

When you select a room using the Book It button, your reservation for that room will be completed when you conclude your booking session on this tool. No further action is required. When you select a room using the Request It button, your selected room is put “On Hold” until the property manager can review your application. This is normally completed within 1 to 2 days of your booking request. This extra step may be necessary when there is only one room of a particular room class. Please consider the following example. Say there is only one room of a particular room type available. The manager could take a telephone reservation for that room while you are reserving the same room on the internet. This would lead to a double-booking situation. Please be assured that if you select a room using the Request It! button, your room is made unavailable to other users of this internet booking system. The property manager will be informed immediately of your request and will be contacting you to inform you of the status of your reservation application.

Group Booking Policy

A credit card is required to make booking, and the first night fare is prepaid 60 days prior to booking dates. Individuals should make their own reservations in order that we may best match their needs to rooms. To block off intended weekends, a non-refundable reservation fee is required (usually the first night nights stay at nonrefundable rates), along with information for a contact person, their mailing address and valid credit card number. However, we reserve to make any amendments to any policies as we see best fit.


You are recommended to provide an email address so that we may confirm bookings. A group reservation form is available to allow you to check off services or rentals required, with prepayment of those items and the dates of the event. The person supplying the credit card number also takes responsibility for the group, if anything unforeseen might happen.

Cancellation Policy

A Credit Card is required on all reservations. Cancellation notice is required 7 days in advance of arrival during May – October, and 3 days for the remainder of the year (this is ONLY for short term rentals either nightly or few nights). If you should fail to cancel your room or RV site within policy guidelines and are a no show, your first night’s accommodation will be charged through.

Please note that long term stays (i.e., weekly or monthly stays) are subject to a non-refundable rates. This is due to the fact that we keep our rooms booked out for the time of your stay and miss out on other bookings. Because of this, long term stays are non-refundable for the paid duration of the stay (i.e., if you pay for 1 week stay and wish to leave 3 nights in, unfortunately the remainder night stays are nonrefundable).


Front desk is open from 9 am to 11pm, but late check-ins after 10pm must be notified before 10 pm of arrival date.


Bookings with invalid credit cards may not guarantee the room or RV site reservation.


Children under 3 years old are not to be charged when they share beds with parents.